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I less than three spam. Really.

I got one of those stupid scamspam today, telling me that I had won 452-thousand-odd pounds starling.

So ... is that a single bird?

Edited to add the thing itself, in all its spammy glory ... and it was 470-thousand-odd pounds starlings! Even more confusing, how are those pounds distributed over those starlings? Are they all that huge? Where do they keep them?"


You won 470,274.11 pounds starlings and it is equiverlent
to $921,201 dollars from the NET ONLINE LOTTERY CORPORATION
IN UNITED KINGDOM on our new year bonanza.

Contact Claims Department quoting winning draw number: 53Q8/02.

CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Michael Watson
Tel: +447031972599.

Trace C. Cusac.

Note, I do not suggest that anyone even try to contact any of these idiots. They hid their traces very well, I couldn't find any real information in the headers.

Also, while I believe 470,274.11 pounds starlings is equiverlent to to $921,201 dollars ... redundant, that ... I don't know whose currency those dollars are.

Edited again because someone introduced egregious typoes into my LJ Cut text.

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