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10 Things - meme

Tagged by invisiblewolf
Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

Well, I don't think I'll tag anyone else, but people can certainly volunteer themselves.
You'll have to judge whether I'm being weird, habitual, or little-known.

1) I'm a bit rebellious about memes? OK, that's a gimme.

2) My feet spread out to a duck-like five inches across when I stand barefoot. (This freaked out a karate teacher once.)

3) My mother, when pregnant with me, baby-sat Dirk Benedict. His mom lived across the street from my dad's grandparents.

4) I tend to have precognitive dreams. Initially, they were 2-3 second snippets and were completely accurate, but useless - seeing a new person coming up a stairway at school, for instance. (I had no concrete evidence of this one.) Or seeing a friend in a spanish class who had dyed her hair blond that summer. (I told a friend about this one a week before school started.) Or driving a motorcycle home from work, with detailed sense of the sudden pocket of icy cold air in the August night. (I recorded that one in my high-school dream journal and it happened several months later. I did not own, nor want, a motorcycle when I was in high school.)
They still happen, in varying degrees of accuracy, and I can tell the difference between them and deja-vu (which I also have sometimes) because I usually think about them when I wake up. However, as my narcolepsy has gotten worse, I've stopped having coherent dreams very often, so they're much more rare.

5) Honeybees like me. When I was four, a honeybee landed on my hand, and I held very still. It unloaded a pocket of pollen then flew off. Since then, I haven't been afraid of them. Wasps, though, I dislike, and bumblebees are just rude and get into my bed. (Well, once. I woke up dreaming that someone was stabbing me with a dagger.)

6) All cats seem to think I'm Mom. Even partly feral ones. I've been shamelessly flirted with and affection and fur shed on me by cats who refuse to allow other people near.

7) I am apparently older than I look. I was last carded at the McMenamin's Grand Lodge, on or around my 50th birthday. I found this hilarious and my friends who were with me were astonished. They also agreed to testify to the truth of this event.

8) In the US, there are generally 12 years of public education; I attended 12 different schools during that time. 1:Polson Grade School; 2:Fort Peck gradeschool, 2-4: Crow School (Sun River/Fort Peck area); 4: Emily Dickenson Grade School, Missoula; 5: Hellgate Grade School. 6: Ronan gradeschool (it had a name but I've spaced it); 7: Lincoln Jr. High, Polson, Lincoln Jr High, Billings; 8: Lincoln Jr. High, Polson; 9: Polson Senior High School; 9-10: Medford Mid-High; 11: Medford Senior High; 12: Phoenix High, Phoenix OR.

9) As mentioned in 4 above, I've got narcolepsy, and have all my life. This means I get very sleepy during the daytime, frequently having no energy whatsoever. I also have a hard time falling asleep at night because the particular balance of chemistry shifts then, and the effort expended to stay awake normally is trivially enough to keep going. Thus, my working on this right now.

10) I am an insane collector. I have comics. I have teddy bears (started with a gift from Penny for our second Christmas.) I have dolls (Penny collected, and we collected together.) I have books, mostly paperbacks, but lots of others. I have videotapes (archiving them onto DVD and not very satisfied with the result).


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