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I was awakened by the phone this morning. The message was "I regret to tell you that the client turned your job application down in favor of a younger candidate."

I am now inquiring for exactly what they told him. If they did indeed use that word, I will file with the EEOC within the week.

[edit: so you know, I'm keeping comments hidden on this one to reduce flame wars.]

[edit: I sent an email asking what they said. He (my AeroTek rep) replied that they went with a candidate who had about a decade less experience, but 5 years had been specifically working on this particular kind of task, so I sent him a note advising that he watch out for words like "younger" and other actionable things. I suspect that the age angle was still part of it, but he's got a conflict of interest there, and if they only HINTED, that's not provable in a hearing.]

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