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An entry I started yesterday

02.8.19 4.04 pm
Waiting for my now-weekly shot.
Kaiser is always slow on Mondays.

On the job front- I have a temporary, part time sort of contract job working for a friend documenting a program he wrote.
This is fun, a snap, and pays me enough to be worth the time spent.
The folks at Norm Thompson accepted me into their Customer Service peak-season program. If I get nothing else twixt now and then, I will absolutely take it, and be glad of it.
No info yet on the AZAD jobs.

Tomorrow we schedule Penny's surgery. She is not looking forward to this with peace in her heart. At night, the tiny voices tell her she'll die on the operating table, or worse, and that it's her own fault, that she's a burden, and more: all the nasty little lies and vicious spites that come crawling out of the darkness and die in her ears.
Can you tell that I hate them?

Anyway, today I take her for Pho, if she can wake up enough before the meeting. Otherwise, for sure we go to Outback for a margarita.

And... I'll put up a game post later, but not right now.

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