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It's thursday and I didn't notice because I've been sick enough that my sense of time is all messed up.

Being sick, especially when I get a fever, is quite effective at taking me out of whatever mood or state I'm in, and the really nasty funk of the last few weeks has been suppressed, or lifted. Not sure which.

I wasn't able to get ashes imposed yesterday; going outside made me cough too hard.
Wasn't able to work today either, though I did use up quite a bit of strength by bathing. Weird how hard that gets. Also I forgot to really eat today. Four or five snack-size meals. ugh.

There's more about Penny in here somewhere, but at the moment I think I'm drained of the misery. The loneliness is still there but it isn't like frozen rocks grinding and shattering in my lungs, which is what it was last week. And, that's enough - If I describe it too well I can tell it'll come back and I need that energy to heal from the flu and to get something done on the project for Michael.

Going to bed now.

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