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Mr. Monk's Writers Get an F

The prissy FBI agents. Oh come ON.

You do NOT NOT NOT leave hazardous chemicals in spray bottles that look just like perfume atomizers. NO FBI person will do this. ALL such chemicals WILL be in clearly labeled hazardous material standardized containers. NO WAY does Monk spray a 'cleaning spritzer' of highly caustic chemical onto a TV screen by mistaking it for water.

Also, there is no fucking pet store in SF where you can just walk in and buy a ferret. Thanks to paranoia that domesticated Ferrets would destroy California, since 1895 it has been illegal to import, sell or OWN a ferret in California. No pet store sells them.

The 'drink coaster' joke is also very, very old. Monk has seen computers used before, many many times. He isn't a stupid man and will know the difference between a CD slot and a drink coaster.

Feh. Bad writing episode.

EDIT: "I want all street musicians off the street except one!"


The writers have lost sight of the fact that the humor in Mr. Monk's life arises from the absurdities of real life, not from stupid cartoon caricatures being even more broken that Mr. Monk.

Is there a way to give these guys an F- ??


Feb. 24th, 2007 08:19 pm (UTC)
And that's kind of where my difficulty comes in. My gal says that she believes God has a sense of humor, and she is extremely devout and doesn't like profanity, to give a reference point for her level of commitment.

Would you like to continue this subthread in personal email?
Feb. 24th, 2007 11:47 pm (UTC)
Up to what you're comfortable with.

I believe God has a sense of humor. Anyone who's ever seen themselves naked ought to know that.

Disliking profanity and vulgarity indicate a personal fastidiousness, and isn't a bad thing at all. I swore like a sailor for years, and only got over it because Penny wanted me to. There's also a matter of respect for other people, and for their comfort. And of course, if you believe in God then you don't want to be using His name in vain, any more than you want to be in a room with someone who uses your name as a vulgar oath.


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