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I slept long enough to dream this morning.

We, that is, Penny and I, were in something I assume was California, because she was going to meet up with Barb and with a friend from the Monolithic Studios doll-group. (I think it was supposed to be Susan from Ohio but it ended up being Cory.) The weather was quite strange for where we were, which was actually one of those dream landscapes that doesn't match up with anything in reality - but the spring/California context (especially with the Novato county details that crept in from somewhere) was unusually wet and snowy.

There was lots of driving around to meet each other, and then I saw her in the blue beetle, and made it over to the espresso stand where she and Cory were waiting. Barb was still on her way.

I mentioned something about Penny being dead, and she said, in effect, "Look, it's hard enough to get here, stop putting walls in the way, OK? Don't keep bringing up the 'dead' thing."

I agreed to try, and the dreamscape changed to a more standard, but more forgettable, spies-and-heroes delivering-the-secret-weapon dream, and this time Penny was still there (since that particular kind of thing is HER dream-specialty), but then I started to wake up because my back was hurting from the bed losing air again, and I needed to use the euphemism.


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