Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

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I've been missing Penny a lot, in a somewhat less horrible way than I was a month ago. It had stopped briefly with the after-Flu, but it's come back. Incidentally, I am *STILL* coughing up phlegm after that damned flu, and I'm wondering if it's really something worse.

Some of this 'missing' is because of songs I want to sing with her. Some of it's because I've got storage boxes from (two of them) at the Roth's place, where I'd been storing all the extra stuff we couldn't fit in the apartment; I will be moving most of the stuff into them on Sunday. This will force me to look at stuff, and will also allow me to get the things I need to fix the bed.

And it's tax time again. Darnit.

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