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Surgery Date

So yesterday...

We discussed the various options with the oncologic surgeon.
He had thought that we might be able to do simply radiation rather than surgery.
Disabused of that by the Radiotherapist. Not as good a chance of cure as surgery, so they say, do the surgery period.

So we have the options of types of surgery... abdominal incision vs. vaginal hysterectomy... and we discussed alternatives... They're afraid, because of Penny's particular bodyfat distribution, of going in the normal way through the lower abdominal wall. She's got a small hernia where they went in for the laparascopy some years ago for gall bladder. They could go upwards from there, use a slightly higher access than they'd otherwise use, but get in and get the ovaries and (depending on how 'well marbled' Penny is, to use her phrasing that got the doctor by surprise) a few lymph nodes, to see if she's got any kind of cancer going in them.
Vaginal hysterectomy heals MUCH faster with much much less chance of long term complications... but they can only get the ovaries sometimes, and the lymph nodes, not at all. So the doc asked us which one. I asked why they can't do the vaginal, check the uterus and see what it finds, then if necessary, go in for the abdominal.
He got a poleaxed look and said he hadn't thought of it, but yes, they could do that, check the uterus to see if the cancer had gotten into the muscle walls, and only do the abdominal if that was the case.
The reason they don't normally think that way is that they have to schedule a possible reset of the surgery. But in this case it's a safer option for Penny.

Surgery is scheduled for the 3rd of September. Pray for us.

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