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OK, so I'm depressed again ... this is so stupid.

There's no good reason for it, and a lot of good reasons.
I've learned that the p/t job I got working for a friend, where I would be making a document in Flash, was vetoed by the lazy IT hack that runs the systems for the friend's brother's business. So, while there is enough work for me to do maybe 10-20 hours a week tops, for a few weeks, there's not enough to make it full time, and no chance to actually learn and use something new to me.
And, there's the cancer thing with Penny, and the lack of movement on the job front.
I really need to go down to the Employment Services Division and find out how to report the income from this. Such as it is... I haven't been paid yet, and won't be until a few weeks down the road.

AND... why I'm depressed.
There's a guy on MXT (Cap) who I have never actually managed to RP with more than once. He's someone I want to call a friend, and we've agreed to try not to antagonize one another, but we just rub each other raw... he thinks I'm bitter and hostile, and I think he's naive, emotionally brittle, and has a tendency to project his motivations onto others. All in all, it sucks.
And, again, he's taken my observation that it appears nothing's happening with a team he's on, as a personal affront, though I tried to explain why I have that impression.
Someday we'll have a conversation where that doesn't happen. But pigs may evolve wings before then.


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