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Gamestorm days 2 and 3

Day 2 was Friday, and I was scheduled for two games in the morning: Cobras in the Cockpit and 24/7.

In Cobras, you play the part of the snakes on that plane.
24/7 is a new boardgame reminiscent of Yachtzee and Scrabble, but really novel.

I missed both games. Though I got up at 6:30, stomach upset kept me tied up until 9:30, and I had no time to get there in time for Cobras, and with a funeral at 3pm, decided to stay home, wash some laundry, and prep for the funeral.

Major John P. Karr, USAF (Ret) ... he started in the Army Air Corps. I wish I'd known about that. My stepdad was an aircraft engine mechanic in the same area where John was deployed.

I don't want to dwell on the funeral in this post, only mention that I didn't stay too long, as they were doing the internment and I did not want to be there for that. Things were reminding me too much of Penny and it's terribly rude to be distraught at someone's funeral for reasons having nothing to do with their demise.

Strangely, Friday AM I had a dream about getting ready for John's funeral, and we (several people including myself) were at St. Barts trying to get dressed for it, and (just as the alarm was going off) he was asking me if I had seen some part of his uniform (belt maybe) - he was wearing a dark olive green uniform with the ribbon bar on it. I think there were some kind of clusters but I'm not sure. I don't know much about what should be where on a real US military uniform. The alarm woke me before I could give him his belt.

When I got to GameStorm, I replaced the check that they'd forgotten to cash, then went to look around, delivered some Krispy Kremes to the hospitality suite, and since it was sixish, got dinner (appetizer and salad and a glass of wine) at the restaurant - it was lovely - and then went to my first scheduled game, Horizon:Virtual: The Reformat is Coming!. This was a strange game crossing TRON and Reboot.

It worked ... OK. The DM (John McNichol) is a friend of Michael's and was somewhere between 'OK' and 'Pretty Good' - the game framework is a d20 adaptation and suffers greatly from the d20 emphasis on combat/confrontation using ONLY their framework, but in general, it was fun, especially with the props and the use of repainted heroclix for the characters.

We ran over til 11pm, then I went to hook up to wireless while waiting for Are You A Werewolf? ... this is a hilariously twisted version of 'murder'. We started early and ended late.

Your group of six or more villagers (and a seventh moderator) discover a deceased villager, torn apart in the night, by what was clearly a werewolf. Since your little village of NoWerewolvesHereTon is isolated, the werewolf must be one of your villagers, and you must find and kill the werewolf! Lynch! Lynch! Get your wolfbane rope here! So, another villager dies!
Every night the werewolf kills someone, until you either kill it or run out of villagers.
There's a handful of other odd rules. In general it's hilarious.

So, as mentioned before, flaming truck on other side of freeway on way home.

Woke at 7:45 (stupid brain!) after four or so hours' sleep, turned off alarm and took my anti-narcolepsy drugs, then got several calls from Miles and Michael. Michael eventually delivered Miles, and my stupid brain failed to remember that the freeway might be CLOSED (and it was, and the sign was JUST PAST the last off-ramp that was of any usefulness whatsoever.)

Was planning, today, to go to Spirit of the Century: Aces Harrington and the Snow Beast but, my name was eighth on the list and six prior people showed, and I was rejected. So, found and signed up for and played 24/7 that I had missed Friday, and then bought the game (and a copy of Werewolf?), grabbed a sandwich from Hospitality, then off to "Battlestations!" Are You A Hero? which is kind of a space-combat game that could be turned into a modular 'how to do space battles' for a space-RPG. The basic set has a lot of complex pieces and costs about $53, which is a bit high for most geeks.

Then, after another break, got to play in John McNichol's demo of a 'Space:1889' special adventure, where in I was an amoral eugenecist spy (posing as a doctor, actually an upper-class british gent.) The adventure did interesting things until we all turned on one another in our own various ways. It was fantastic fun.

But, I was exhausted when it was done, and came home. I think I may go to bed early. I'm signed up to play Ninja Burger at 1pm tomorrow, but might go earlier and see if I can get into Cobras in the Cockpit at 9am, then pick up another game ... there's several that look promising.

And maybe come home after Ninja Burger soon enough to get into the Sunday States game on City of... if anyone else is there.

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