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Taxes and Thai food

My 2006 tax returns are e-filed as of 6:18, though they haven't yet been confirmed.
I will be getting back most of what was withheld, as a result of having a huge medical bill from Penny's cancer.
Thankfully, life insurance is not taxable, because the refund would have made only a 1/4 dent in the amount I paid.

I started them at about 10AM, give or take, and took off at 1:40 to get to the bank to reset my online banking password to be able to get some information, which it turns out I won't be able to really use anyway, and so I'm not deducting that particular thing. It wouldn't really help anyway.

I resumed about 3:40, which means I spent a bit over six hours working on tax stuff, but really focussing on it was only maybe four hours, as I was eating and trimming cat claws and reading some LJ's and otherwise wasting time.

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