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The title is just because I really like that song (Modest Mouse, "Dashboard"). It's weird and meaningless but quite fun. It has that dream-intrusion quality that I like in some songs. And I'm unable to remember the name of another one that has that quality, but in a different musical style.

There's a very strange and nifty song playing on the Bottom 40 show.
I'll put the name and reference in here as they provide it. New UK band.
Group is called "Tunng", album is "comments of the inner chorus", track is "wood cats".

I've been missing Penny quite a bit lately, though not in the serrated-blade way I was last year at this time.
I was able to tell people at work that she'd died, and not crack. She's been showing up in my dreams, off and on, and at least once woke me up on purpose so I wouldn't be late.

Sometime soon I'll remember to get a bell jar to protect the dragon she made me, and I'll take a photo of it.

I'm tired and annoyed at the failure of the automated build procedures I scheduled to run this weekend; I'll have to dig through them in the morning.

I hooked up my HD TV to the output of my computer vid card and I am quite annoyed by it, because of the stupicomplicruddy quality of the output. Television sets and video cards can be inter-hostile.

My cats are starving. They dislike their dry food immensely, and I figured out why they wouldn't even touch the "Dick Van Patten Natures Choice" food - it must've stank of plastic.
I'll probably have to try making something that they'll eat, instead. Though, I prefer to feed dry food as it's better for their teeth.

T'is now 11pm. Sleep time.


Apr. 23rd, 2007 04:32 pm (UTC)
I have. They hate it.

The problem here is that for some broken reason, Chinese companies that provided the rice and corn concentrates for pet food companies were, apparently, adding a plastic to the food.
This would boost the "protein" level of the food, and theoretically animals could digest this plastic and turn it into proteins. While true, the process of digestion broke the plastic into protein and large amounts of ammonia, which would damage the liver or kidneys of the animals, who would then die horribly.

It appears that this was done so that the protein levels in the foods could be higher, so that the concentrates could be sold at a higher price.

Yay for profit.

This came to light recently as hundreds of animals started dying from a regular diet of certain wet foods, but then some of the dry food manufacturers realized that their products had also been tainted.


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