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And the beast goes on...

More obscure medical testing today. Penny had to have a chest X-ray, another EKG, and give a vial or two of blood, and they're doing some sort of odd urine sample thing... we have to refrigerate the stuff, which means do NOT drink that oddly bottled apple juice, it's not.

Lessee.... elsewhere7 noted that the big RP last Saturday fell apart... perfectly timed server system crash, just after the opening pose of the scene that would bring a four month plot to conclusion. So there may be an attempt to do it on another date.

The job I was doing for my friend Michael? Well... it's been seriously cut back. The IT dweebus at his brother's car dealership fears the idea of having anyone else install software and he's too lazy to do it himself. Thus, all I need to do is work on html documents, including some embedded screen captures, and to do some QA to Michael's work. All fine and easy, but it's nowhere full time. Maybe 10 hours a week tops.
This is not a BAD thing, mind you.

One thing though. My narcolepsy seems to be getting a hair worse.
That is, ALL DAY I've been falling asleep, but I slept enough last night, so I don't get it.

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