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I haven't been writing much about Penny lately. I've been howling, but she doesn't answer, and the place is just as much too quiet as it has been for a while.

Went to see Spider-Man 3 tonight. @yay. Two and a half hours of fresh roasted extra-crisp where the hell was the EDITOR? plus an equal, thick spread of about an inch of I Can't Believe It's Not Going Anywhere, GET ON WITH IT!

OK, so I liked the scenes with Venom, and the Sandman, all gorgeous work, and the CGI Spidercostume and all that stuff was great. Although Toby's tummy was a bit too flubbity in that scene where his clothes get ripped up.

And I _LIKED_ Brock-with-the-teeth. Very nice work there.

OK, what did I _not_ like?

Mary Jane was completely mis-written.

Broken Suspender of Disbelief #1, the Broadway Play. First off, by opening night they would KNOW if Mary Jane's voice was not good enough. They would know that by, oh, I dunno, FIRST ROUND CASTING?!

So, idiot cliche directors 1 and 2, no, sorry, you fail to convince me. Unless you're secretly Bialystock and Bloom, there's no excuse for, and no financing for, incompetency of that degree.

And if her voice was really that weak, they'd just stick a mike on her anyway.

So, bullshit.

And Broken Suspender of Disbelief #2, MJ's Scene on the Bridge, what drugs were the writers, director, actors, producers, and editors on?

We see Harry with the Kid Goblin persona fully returned, ASSAULTING MJ, telling her what SHE IS GOING TO DO, and what do we see? MJ on the bridge, giving Peter this speech about not loving him, etc. ad nauseam.
Uh... yeah. I thought maybe Kid Goblin was threatening her parents or something, because, there's no WAY that girl would be THAT stupid. It makes NO sense as presented. I could believe her ACTING to convince Pete-idjit that she didn't love him in order to save her folks, but for no other reason.

Despite the glaring plot holes, I did cheer for BadPeter and his slap-down of Kid Goblin. That was especially well deserved. Although, the massive scarring (which changed from scene to scene, hooray for continuity) was kind of a shock, and when Wormsbody the Ancient Zombie Mummy Butler finally explains what happened to Harry... WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH HIM SAYING SOMETHING EARLIER?!

I resent paying nine bucks for this film. I resent paying 14 bucks for a hotdog, popcorn, and drink, as well, but that at least I can lay to my own stupidity.

I greatly, greatly fear that the DVD will contain additional material that was left out, bringing it to a full three hours.

And frankly, it could have done a lot better as two or three other movies first. Kid Goblin could have carried a movie by himself, with the Symbiote. Sandman could have carried a short movie by himself, possibly introducing Eddie Brock. And the end of the movie, the big fight, could have easily been set up as a completely separate other movie.

And it would have sucked less. And there might have been less of Peter (Dark Dork) Parker doing his Czechoslovakian Guys impersonation.

Do not click if you dislike spoilers and care about Spidey 3.

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