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What the hell happened to customer service anyway?

Yahoo deleted Penny's email recently - because it was 'inactive' - that is, I turned off the email feeds to it.
They claim (and this is flagrantly in violation of legal precedents about ownership of email) that accounts are not 'transferable' in the event of the death of the person who initiates the account.

There is no way on their web pages to contact anyone who could do anything about recovering that illegally destroyed personal mail. They do not provide a way to report bugs either.

I would love to see the owners of record of Yahoo declared in contempt of court for refusing to provide email from a deceased person's account. Or fined. Or perhaps a class action lawsuit.

Meanwhile, I just tried to find out where to contact the manufacturers of my cellphone about problems.
Customer service for T-Mobile cannot support problems with the Sidekick 3, a "Danger OS" device.

The main 'danger' appears to be that it will take at least one minute to load any webpage, and that I must clear the cache so that there will be enough free memory to load the entire webpage, or I will get the additional 45 second timeout before it informs me it is out of memory. During that timeout, I cannot, of course, get to any other function of the phone.
Note, the phone has an SD card that it MIGHT be able to use to store some of this stuff? Nah.

Danger doesn't have a page for customer service either.

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