Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison


Haven't been writing much lately.

This is mostly due to ... well, lack of time and brain.

I still have too much stuff in my tiny apartment. I bought two chairs to replace the couch. They are 'here' now, but not delivered to me. My brother will, theoretically, come by tomorrow to get it.

I need to make that possible by cleaning some stuff, but that won't be terribly hard.


The weather, the temperature, the movies, the things that are happening outside the framework of job/work/etc. are all making me a bit crazy.

I've been asked to take over the website for my church; I've been finding it harder to want to go there, and I'll have to get to bed soon so I will be able to do it in the morning. It's not so much that I don't believe, but more that I'm dealing with different stress again. I don't like this. I need my other half to keep me balanced. I hate being in denial, but at the moment, it's just too much mental work to do anything.
And yeah, I know I need to do the work before it gets too late.

Memorial day, I left a purple rose on the memorial garden, like on our anniversary.
The man across the hall from me also lost his wife to ... something ... in 2006.

Mom's broken arm has (apparently) healed well enough, and now her job is to do her phys. therapy so the muscles will stop hurting.

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