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02.8.30 1.27 pm
Late to pre admittance clinic at St Vincent's. Traffic bad and slow due to pre-Labor Day weekend.

Once again filling out the meds list, as if we haven't done so fourteen times already. Pfui say I. Let them learn to use a copier!

This is a lot like the SATs ... the form she's filling out is full of odd questions that seem like tricks. Four pages of them.

Hmm. Talked a bit with aerowolf today. I need to be more proactive in feeding back what I 'hear' him saying about his feelings. The language he uses is consistent with him understanding his own feelings but that's not always the case, and could help shortcut the struggle to comprehension, if he got earlier feedback.

Also caught iceraver as he dragged his sorry self home this morning. For a man with no life, he sure seems to have fun when he _does_ go out to play. *snicker*

Dinner tonight with the Needhams. Brad taking part-day off Tuesday, will be coming by to wait with us. Mom, Brad, Linda, possibly one of the Smiths, and one or more of the priests from St. Bart's planning to be here, it's got me a bit verklaempt.

I think I'll try using the palmjournal client to post this.

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