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A Happy Meem

This was given to me by anitamargarita. I quote the rule for those who want it:

The rules are easy, just post 6 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 6 people and force/ask them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.

I won't tag people but if you want to pass it on, please feel free to.

1) Getting enough sleep. Narcolepsy is one of those odd things, it makes sleep not work right: tired in the day, sometimes insomniac at night, and generally a bit spaced out except when properly drugged. When I'm able to get to sleep and actually go for seven to eight hours, it's wonderful. When I'm able to actually dream, it's even more wonderful. Usually, though, I have to wake up and try to get to work.

2) The Change of Seasons. When the days get longer, in spring, as long as there's no profoundly overwhelming heat, the change from the dark to the light makes me happy. In the fall, when the days get shorter, not so good, but when the rains return, that's when it's good.

3) Rain. The first real storm of the season on the window. Wind, and sometimes lightning, but the rain. I grew up in something bordering on a stinking desert: most of Montana sees maybe 1-5 inches of rain per year. In the mountains in the west, it's better, but in general, brown and yellow are the colors. When I moved to Oregon, we ended up in Medford, which has much the same climate as Redding, California - stinking hot for summer, occasional winter snow, and generally brown. A bit less so in the winter. Green was always a haven.
Moving to Eugene, for school, was amazing - the Willamette Valley is the source of almost all grass seed used anywhere in America, and apparently, everywhere else in the world. It's profoundly green.

4) Finding a really good book, or movie. Ever since I was a kid, books have been a way to escape, to experience, to go beyond the constraints of the world.

5) Music. I can't sing well (voice like a dented foghorn with inadequate air supply) and I don't play an instrument, but I've got something close to relative pitch. Music is like books - they take my reasoning mind into another place, but music takes my emotions into other worlds. This is why the lyrics are so important, because they define that place.

6) That feeling AFTER a good work-out. Getting there in the first place is sometimes very difficult, but the feeling afterwards is a physical sense of happiness.

In past, I would have listed Penny, but now, remembering her brings the memory of happiness, but it also brings the pain of parting, which I haven't yet learned to completely appreciate.


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