May 16th, 2002


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Weird week. Then again they've all been weird lately.
Applying to yet another temp agency. Maybe it'll turn into something. Maybe not.

Went out to dinner last night to the re-modeled Brass Horn in Hillsboro, which is now the anchor for Thai Orchid, a local chain with very high marks.
Evil Noodle is amazing. It's a variation on Evil Jungle Prince, a dish consisting mostly of peppers and broccoli. We've only ever dared to try 'medium' and that's too hot for our pallid palates.

Picked up Mangaverse yesterday. I like Galactus being a giant eyeball.

About to go visit my Stephen Minister, and must finish posting resume' to the strange little temp software company.
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I have no idea why I feel this way, but... there's a sensation behind my heart and behind my eyes, like one or the other is wanting to burst into tears.

But. I can't. I'm a tiger. Tigers don't cry.

I could fall from grace and be an owl, but owls simply sit and watch and plot and brood and collect things to use for revenge, and that's not good for me.

I could beg for grace and be a dog... serving someone else selflessly, turning that obsession with strength to good use. But with that hollow behind my heart, I don't know how long I could do that before I caved in.

So I'm stuck in the middle.

Closed my eyes and fell into a dream. Being comforted by the light and dark sides of a being that claims to be my creator, but I know that it's not really. Neither the light nor dark sides, though they truly cared for me, was what they said they were. So I opened my eyes and let the reality back in.
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