May 23rd, 2002



Had an exceptionally nice interview yesterday. Now, if only it led to a job.
It might anyway. But... they don't have funding, it's a small group.

Was very heartening. Now... off to take a friend to her dentist appointment.
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And... back from the trip

What do you do when you take a friend to the dentist who can't drive because she's all full of muscle relaxants?
You take a character application with you and fill in all the stuff that won't come out when typing.

Since I was out there, I decided to bite the bullet and, yes, buy the replacement for the palm pilot (TRG Pro) that died around Christmas.
So now I have a color machine with more memory available, which is good because I'll need it, but ... the alarm is whisper-quiet. That'll be annoying. I also bought a hard case which I may regret buying. It isn't possible to do the hotsynch with the hardcase on. Another clever design idea from Palm.

Anyway. I'll be filling the little box with all my various and manifold addresses, contacts, and Stuff. That'll be tons of fun. I had dozens of nifty shareware programs and freeware programs for the Palm. Most have gone byebye.

This leads me to ponder ... I was discussing with Kathleen on the way to the dentist about hearing aids, prosthetic replacements for ears, which have become increasingly complex and powerful.
What is a 'palm device' but a prosthetic replacement for a memory, increasingly complex?
The cyberpunk future is looming closer and closer, people.
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