May 29th, 2002


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Wednesday. After a week with a lot of positive action on the job sarch, this week there's less, not sure if it's Memorial Day Weekend or the continuing enervation as early Q2 reports come in. Certainly doesn't help that IBM (in a fine fit of the brilliant management that continues to keep them from dominating the higher-end computing market, such as it is) chose to shut down what used to be Sequent. A total waste of time and money, that was... Sequent had an excellent mid and high ranged server system, and an unique and very cool memory model for sharing among nodes in the multiprocessor system. NUMA, Non-Uniform Memory Access. One of IBM's first actions of brilliance was to not take advantage of that architecture. Anyway, they're laying off a couple hundred people here in the PDX area.

I'm wondering if LiveJournal has a Palm conduit. It'd be fun to be able to continue to make my notes and rants and have them appear when I hotsynch.

Anyway. Today we're going to Spirit Mountain, for an overnight escape from the gloom. Penny needs it. I think I may need it too.
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