August 7th, 2002

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Interview for a job I don't want.

02.8.7 12.19 pm - Job Interview.
At Norm Thompson customer center.
This is Not The Job I Want To Keep Forever.
Customer service at a call center.
The place is probably one of Oregon's best employers.
So. What stops me?
Besides the seasonal nature of the work, that is?
Mostly money. In order to make my various payments, house, food, car, medical, utilities, etc. I need to bring in about $3500 a month, and that doesn't cover making savings, investments, house repairs, etc.
This job would pay $10.50 an hour.
At 40 hours a week, that comes to $420 a week. About what I get from unemployment, but that runs out in 9 weeks if I don't get work first.

02.8.7 1.35 pm post-interview
75 questions, all about customer service issues. As with most tests I was first one done, and I think I did well on the interview. It was a standard test, five knowledge and behavioral questions. The interviewers were my leads from the peak sales program. Very nice people work there, and I hope I'm not too cynical for the long term if I end up there for very long. And I'd much prefer getting real work programming.
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