September 5th, 2002

Dancing Calvin

Evil "Big Ass Gamers Purity Test"

So, it lies. I'm actually a bit worse than this, primarily because of failing to answer yes to a couple I could have.

Big Ass Gamers Purity Test

You scored 274 out of a possible 490.
That's 55.92% for you math-geek types. Congratulations!

0-10%: Level Zero- you have no experience points and probably no gaming group
11-25%: Acolyte- now you've reached level 8- it's time to learn some real magick
26-55%: Veteran- you've played more than your share of systems
56-70%: Games Master- Lord of the Game, we salute you
71-80%: Munchkin- give me a portable hole full of beer and a major land-war
81-90%: Game Designer- be my friend, no-one else will
91-100%: Gary Gygax- we've worshipped you and burned you in effigy. You also cheated on this test.
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Try again- She's Coming Home!!!

02.9.5 7.01 am
Penny calls. After her 8am breakfast she is being sent home... that is, I am to go fetch her.
Mind, I neverdid finish cleaning the house after visiting her from 7:30-10:30 last night. Must try to remember they throw you out as fast as possible nowadays.

Still... YAY YAY! She's coming home!!
Dancing Calvin

And... eventually

She got here! We got away from the hospital around 2:30pm.

Part of the reason it took too long was that the nurse felt it was a good idea to verify that she was doing OK with blood sugars after getting her insulin via shot rather than via drip, and she needed a shower, and a nap after the exhaustion of the shower.

Anyway, I had two yum-yummy meals at the hospital cafeteria, and lots of time sleeping in the chair next to her bed while she was napping. It was nicer sleeping at home though.
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