September 19th, 2002

Dancing Calvin

Dreams and Reality

This morning I had a very very odd dream.
I was in a place where I had been working for some time but had been dismissed because of the economy. I don't know why, but my friend Michael was in charge of hiring, along with anothe rmanager, and they came to me and said "Hey, you've been working on this stuff for us anyway, we might as well hire you full time."

So I'm trying to fight my way back to reality this morning. I wake up and this vivid dream is stuck in my head.
Then, around lunchtime, Michael calls my home phone (I was at work doing training) to tell me that his family's business (Dave Smith Auto) wants to hire me fulltime to build their web-based store.

And, I have another friend who's forwarded me a job opportunity, and a third who's hiring in the SF Bay area, for something completely else.

Could this perhaps be a turnaround?

(Now my brain is singing "Mother and child reunion" at me.
No, I would not give you false hope, on this strange and mournful day,
but the mother and child reunion is only a motion away...)
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More on the possible job

Talked with Michael some more.
The job would be doing some .net development to create a particular kind of web application for his brother's company.
I cannot get into details without violating my NDA, but the gist is this:

1) They have a product idea, and some money, and some distinct ideas of how to go about doing this product.
2) They want Michael, and one or two other people he chooses, to get in and work on this product for them.
3) We go up on the second weekend in October, and talk with them and see what we think of the project. Can it be done to their spec by their schedule, etc.
4) We decide if we can do it, and either commit to do so, or say "enh".

So I have two tasks: to be knowledgeable enough on .NET to be able to say "yeah, sure, I can do this" if it's doable. And, to keep my other job opportunities going so that I won't find myself out without anything, if it turns out they're smoking funny smoke.

Which means Norm Thompsons can't go away, but I do need to talk to scheduling NOW to prevent myself getting screwed.
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