December 10th, 2002

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02.12.9 4.35 pm
Long time no blogg.
Just gave two tubes of blood to vampies to see if my many meds are messing up my blood. Reminder to self: find out when I can do stress test, as Dad has had 3 heart attacks and a bypass in past 4 years. The odd side of hearing from my dad in first time in > 15 years. Welcome to another bit of family medical joy.
Uncle Bob (Mom's baby bro) died of heart attack in 1997 ... her older bro has had quadruple bypass w/ optional valve job - 2 pig valves, no comments necessary.
In general it was good to hear from him. I should start emailing him more - he avoids learning to use the computer, but my stepbrother's daughter lives there with Dad & Betty ... And she has a computer.

Haven't said much about how Penny is doing - she's just had her first day of the really intense and intrusive Internal Radiation. She was wiped out as bad as if she had gone thru 4 days of treatments. With two weeks to go, but a week between treatments, it may be easier on her than the External was. We're hoping so anyway.

Christmas plans? Simple. Two days off in a row, then a few days more customer service slavery at the Norm Thompson salt mines, then possibly picking up a sales shift once in a while. But I have to get back to work on real work and this is definitely dead end work here.
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