March 1st, 2003


Penny and Steve Health Status

Some of you have responded to me in a way that indicates I haven't been really clear on what happened with Penny. So, here's the Collapse )

Meanwhile. This is the third week we've been doing the Atkins diet. We had
been looking at it as a way for me to get rid of the appx. 80 pounds of
excess that I've put on in the past 10 years. However, I was tested with a
fasting blood sugar of 175 - that's diabetic, if a second test shows the
same amount of blood sugar. So, rather than being stuck with the Diabetic
label and the long-term medicines that will eventually make me insulin dependent, while driving my insulin levels to dangerous levels and damaging my organs and capillaries, Penny said "You're going to start Atkins, right?"

She agreed to go on it if I would, because with the radiation and surgery and all the stress she's been having, her blood sugars were hovering in the low 300s.

The first week, my blood sugars were testing below 135, and the second week they were below 100 in the mornings. This is normal. Penny's response was a similar 10-point drop, every three or so days - she isn't quite back down to non-diabetic levels and still has to use insulin, but we're hoping that will come when we can get her to the gym so she can swim.
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When we moved in here, there was no covering on the downstairs sliding glass doors. We put in vertical blinds. That is to say, we found them at Home Base and I installed them. I went a bit too low, and the mechanism was a bit too cheap, and after about a month one or two of the slats were stuck, and over the course of a year, one or two of them broke at the top, leaving big openings. Well, when we moved down here for a bedroom, the gaps became a problem, so we hung some fabric over it, ugly.

This year, with my 40%off discount for being a Norm Thompson phone lackey, I was able to buy some thermal-insulating curtains ... and finally put up the curtains down here, it took a lot of work to get the verticals down.

But they look GREAT.