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April 27th, 2003

Feeling like a total idiot

I've spent about ten hours of the 30-odd I think it will take to do this particular task. It's easy in theory - just build an interface wrapper around a simple program that runs from a command window.
The trouble is that with .NET, the interface for getting at the keyboard input isn't where it used to be.

And I can't find it! Gah!

More ranting

Some people don't like political statements, especially ones that aren't supportive of the prevailing regime.

For those people: Save your blood pressure. Don't look at George W. Bush's resume'.

Strange Showtime stuff

Showtime did a weird little cartoon called "Queer Duck" a while back.
As part of the ongoing trend of putting things like "The Critic" online, they've put all 20 episodes of this show on their website.

It's actually pretty stupid, relying on some hoary old stereotypes and lame gay jokes, but I suppose that (like Nigger jokes) they're acceptable when told from the inside rather than the outside.
I did like episode 2. Haven't yet watched the rest of it.