July 4th, 2003


Westercon 56

Attending Westercon 56 (http://www.westercon56.org) ... so far it's good.

Hotel is about a quarter mile from SeaTac airport. It's run by the usual suspects from norwescon, and is quite decent, so far. The only problem is that shared by most Doubletree hotels - getting to the mezzanine floor is through an elevator in the kitchen, because they don't consider that perhaps people who are in wheelchairs or otherwise cannot use stairways ... might want to attend functions in those rooms in the mezz.

Also, they have no internet this weekend. This is being done through the con's dialup-lines. Speedy!

Anyway, the people are fun, the panels are mildly different (some of the people on various panels are doing their best to make it not be all the same as everything else has been)... so.

I'll do a more detailed writeup on my palm and post it when I hotsynch next. Gotta love the palm LJ client.
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