August 25th, 2003


Gaming in RL? Gasp!

So, some 6+ years ago I stopped going to the regular sunday night game that I had played in for a long time, and I stopped for two reasons.

First, they kept meeting across-town (25 mile drive in city traffic) in a house in a neighborhood which had at least two drive-by shootings every week. That's war zone.

Second, they handed over DMing to a guy who was a competent, if pissy, player, but his GMing style was simply not to my taste, and we had already had a few collisions out-of-character. So I decided, no, this won't do.

I ended up spending most of my gaming time with the amazingly sneaky online gaming text-base mu* world. Not a good idea, really, as it can eat your brain, but can be tremendously fun.

Anyway, Sunday I went back to see how the game is being run.

Al/John, the youngest guy in the old group, is DMing the current campaign.
He has a decent plot, though things get out of control a bit too often and there's a large number of abrupt smoke breaks.

Still, playing Clay's character (Clay is Al's father, and Michael's father, Michael being the guy who was hosting the session) ... that was fun.
Other people there, Dave, Mark, John, and Michael's lady whose name was mumbled briefly and then never repeated during the whole night.
Clay wasn't there as his sister appeared unexpectedly at the door just as he was on his way out; this turned out well as I was able to play his Barbarian Orc.
Chaotic good orc. Kinda fun. Not a stupid guy either, though apparently he has a tendency to get distracted by things like unopened doors. In the middle of combat.

So I'm reincarnating Kathbhad, my old half-elvish Druid, as a fighter/druid.
We'll see what happens. The d20 gaming system seems simple enough to use, and has gotten rid of a huge steaming load of stupid game mechanics.
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Hm. Shield?

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You are a noble warrior.
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