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August 27th, 2003

General Von Frankenstein (FRONK-en-Steeen)

Frankenstein in the Pentagon

I'm kind of torn on some of this. There's an underlying assumption that the idea of neural interfaces is innately evil and wrong. But they make the further assumption that just because you have an interface, you have a total control of the sensorium and behaviour of the wired creature. That's questionable at best.


Got a strong reminder from Penny to mention the cool new toys.

And also that it was her idea for me to do the Sunday game. I need to be around more Meat People instead of just Virtual Online People.

The cool new toy is an indigo Game Boy Advance SP. Earlier I mentioned that I had gotten her old purple Game Boy Advance as we traded in our Game Boy Color units and got her a silver Game Boy Advance SP for my birthday ... Well, the horrible light on her GBA was giving me a headache, and I couldn't find a GBA lighting kit for a decent price... so she insisted we get all the old GB stuff, all the cables, game guides, games we never play nor intend to, the battery pack, and so forth.. and see if that was enough to get the GBA SP for me.

It was. I even had some change left over, which I was able to supplement on a down payment on Final Fantasy: Tactics for GBA.

It's due out soon. So will be fun.

I could have gotten red, or black, if I'd waited two more weeks. Red would be nifty, black would be too... but I like the Indigo.

SO ... thank you, Penny!!