February 26th, 2004

My Yarn

Interview postlude

I think I did well.

The NDA means I can't discuss the technical details, but there are two positions, one for test automation, the other for test development. I'd prefer the automation position, but I like the guys in the development group marginally better. I think.

Anyway, I met first with the QA department manager, then with three guys from one group, then two guys from another group, each was for about a half hour or so. I think I came off well enough, though there were things I didn't remember - and that wasn't really a problem. I explained what I'd do in certain scenarios, how I'd prototype a GUI, etc.

This was the first round. I'll hear tomorrow (Friday) whether or not I get into the final round. I feel fairly confident, but without knowing who else they got or what their competencies are, well... We'll see.

So keep prayers and thoughts in mind for me through tomorrow, cause that's when I'll get the call saying yea or nay. And, I need to write my thank you letter for the interview.

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