March 15th, 2004

Meow Duh?

Bush morphs into Nixon - 30 year deja vu

I remember Watergate. I remember how Nixon, scourged daily for the kind of spy-crap that has been commonplace from the Republicans since 1980, resigned before he could be impeached.

He tried to torpedo public broadcasting because they weren't safe. They were pointing things out, and there were no special economic interests (then) preventing them from revealing the embarrassing details.

Well, it seems that Dubya feels that there isn't enough government control over what the people at PBS say.

There's more news here.

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One thing you can say for Nixon - he wasn't a crook, he was a dupe, that much is true. But he also had a sense of shame. He knew when he did something wrong and he took the right way out.
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