April 6th, 2004

Writer's Block

The Book Meme

Ganked from iceraver

Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 23, find the fifth sentence. Write down what it says, along with these sentences, and post it in your journal.

1) Stone Mirror
2) Ranger Rick
3) Rialian
4) Elenbarathi
5) Starsandfishes
6) Echthros
7) Doltaghey
8) Autumnflame
9) Animarelic
10) Westbaylen
11) Fallofrain
12) Nightambre
13) Seiferkitty
14) Iceraver
15) foomf

Brandy, and Tom got increasingly close-mouthed and sour. Although a certain sense of tripartite society survived down to Christian times, the three classes described in the Eddic poem "Rigdthula" bear little resemblance to Dumezil's three. It is often argued, and still oftener thought, that none but bad men would desire to weaken these salutary beliefs; and there can be nothing wrong,it is thought, in restraining bad men, and prohibiting what only such men would wish to practice. At its nearest point the wall was little more than one league from the City, and that was south-eastward. When he saw Jack Hare jump towards the fire, and the Practical Man brandishing the toasting-fork, Sir Isaac grabbed the strings of gravitational force that bound Jack to his destiny and PULLED--- That's a seventy-four gun privateer, besides. To honour a group of British nobles, treacherously slain at a conference by Hengist's guards, Aurelius decides to erect a great monument near Amesbury. Describe how the temperature of the pie changes as time passes. You won't be needing Card Keys anymore, just head straight on up to the top of the building following Sephiroth's trail of blood. Take your time, I'm never going to wash it again. It took the lead rider between his collarbones and punched him from the saddle. For one glorious hour, Harry had believed that he was leaving the Dursleys at last, because Sirius had offered him a home once his name had been cleared. He tells me that because I hit the cards, I have to stay in the bare room. The curtains fluttered in a sudden gust of breeze, wrapping themselves over his arm. It may be true that surgeons stick knives into people to help them, but not everyone who sticks a knife into someone else is a surgeon.


Taken from 'When Bad Things Happen to Good People'.
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