April 16th, 2004


Request for help

A friend of mine is an animation producer.

He set up a deal with a co-producer to create an animated series that will appeal to the same market as the more nicely drawn Anime series like Inuyasha; the crew working on this created Animatrix, Gundam Wing, and Macross. For reasons that I'm not free to go into, the co-producer did not deliver the funding at a few crucial points, so my friend has been caught in a strange place.

He has a very good product in development. He has a money crunch. He has a purchaser for the series, in negotiations, but there's simply a shortfall.

He's asking for donations of $20 to his paypal account. For that amount, he can't promise any return except the good feeling of having helped keep a new animated series going.

If you contact him via the paypal address and are willing to donate more, and sign a non-disclosure agreement, you can buy into an investment pool of $50K which will result in a proportiona payback should the series begin making more than $0.

I cannot afford this myself, but I do want to see this guy succeed.

And I want to see the series when it gets made.

So. If you want to donate, go to www.paypal.com and send money to sounders13@earthlink.net

If you want to invest more than the $20 (and it has to be enough to make it worthwhile, please, some people will break an NDA over a trivial thing, and the business realities mean that if the details get out, the whole thing is likely to crash hard) ... Anyway, donate a few bucks and ask him to contact you about it.


Obligatory disclaimer - I have no financial stake in this. If I did, I'd be investing my own money as well. If you choose to invest it is at your own risk.
If you choose to donate, it's also at your own risk, since there is no payback guarantee whatsoever for donations. There's only the happy glow of being part of something that should be done.
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Meow Duh?

More job search status

Well... Haven't heard back yet from Kelly about the Intel spot.
Followed up on the second one at Intel, they were misleading the contracting agent about what they wanted. They wanted a REALLY junior person (with a huge list of testing and development skills) to work for 16$ an hour. I wish them all the luck in finding someone. I'd take it myself if I had to, as it's better than total unemployment, of course.
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