April 22nd, 2004

Because I said so

Bites of Reality

This has been Interviews Week.

I had an interview with the Department of Fish and Wildlife on Monday in Newport, Oregon.
Good things: It'd be no end of fun. I like the people. It'd be doing things that people need.
Bad things: Moving. Doesn't pay massively.

On Wednesday morning, I found out (after two days past when I was supposed to find out) that the temp job at Intel was being offered to the other guy, on the grounds that he had 'more scripting experience than Steve' ... Uh, in 25 years of software development, primarily involving testing, most of what I've done has been in scripting in various languages and formats. So, this guy has effectively more than 20 years of scripting? Groovy.

Thursday (today) I interviewed at the PERS - that's Public Employee Retirement System - and I think I came off well enough. It was exhausting because I didn't sleep well last night, and because (unlike Monday) I didn't take the ritalin to keep the narcolepsy away.

On the upside, I got our deep-fryer broaster thingy working correctly today. It's great fun.
Unlike Monday when I was hyperactive and happy after the interview, I think I seemed a bit flat, because Penny says I didn't seem as positive about this one as the other one.

I think that's partly fatigue and partly because it was SO solid feeling, yet so disconnected from reality. I don't know ... They'll hire me if they feel my answers were good. Unlike Thursday, the question about what goes into a test plan was so open-ended that I had to rack my brains to know when I was finished. I THINK I covered everything, but without knowing their process, I have no idea whether I miraculously touched on it all.

Anyway. That's it for now.
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