May 6th, 2004

Because I said so

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Just got the rejection letter from the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System.
I'd applied for a job as a software tester there. I had an exceptionally good interview, but while I felt a 'click' with the people, I didn't feel a strong sense of 'they want me' ... but I wanted that job.

The result: They had a fairly large candidate pool, and I was high on the list but they chose someone else. My suspicion is that they chose the contractor who had been working on that very task for about a year. I think I would have be a military veteran with active duty in order to get a high enough score to knock him out of the running.

So, they're looking for helpdesk people, and the pay is decent. I'll apply for that. Once you get into their pool at all, you become eligible for stuff that isn't open to regular people, so.
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