May 28th, 2004

Because I said so

Intel fails to come through again

So... I interviewed at Intel last Thursday, had what seemed to be a good interview. The position was for writing install scripts for Linux and other platforms.

I have done install scripts. I haven't worked with RPM but I've worked with Unix for 20+ years. Linux is a POSIX implementation.

They expressed a bit of concern at the time that I somehow lacked the depth of experience in Linux that they wanted, but in general, I met the requirements, and they weren't able to express to me what would make someone more suited.

Apparently, though, they found someone who DID have more experience doing exactly what they wanted. Because after being told on Tuesday that I would be hired if they couldn't find someone else who 'walked on water', today I was told, 'they chose a candidate who has more of the qualifications they wanted.'

This pisses me off. The first interview I had for a contract at Intel was yanked suddenly after I was told I would be hired - the req had been pulled because of cutbacks. That was in 2001. Then I got dicked around for two weeks by the Desktop group because they had to interview THREE people for a position, and although half their group wanted to hire me, the other half wanted to hire the guy they interviewed AFTER me, and they basically flipped a COIN to decide.

Now this one. I suspect that there will be other openings. I may even apply for them if the guy at Kelly IT calls me to ask if I want to interview for them.
But, I think I'll be telling him, up front, that if I don't hear a positive offer within two days of an interview, that I'm not holding my breath, and if someone else comes along first, I go with them instead.

Not that anyone else HAS, quite, but it's the principle of the thing and he seems to be worried about that possibility.
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