June 7th, 2004



I may have done something rather foolish. Never again will I be allowed to sneer at an eBay client who does something silly.

See, we wanted to get a copy of City of Heroes on the cheap.
rubyloot sent me some eBay links to open auctions. I clicked on one that had a buy-it-now for 24 bucks. Without LOOKING CLOSER, I smiled at the shiny pretty picture of the game in its box, and clicked the button, then clicked Submit.

Then I realized that it said "EXPLOITS" all over it.

Bloody hell.

I asked the person politely to please cancel my buy-it-now, and relist, because no way do I want to spend that on a list of ten bugs that can be used to tweak the game.

If they say 'yes' then good. If not, I'll buy it anyway (my fault) and then I'll send a copy to anyone who wants to send me $1.25 on Paypal.

The seller is willing to cancel the sale. I'll refund her listing fee (about a buck) if the thing doesn't sell when relisted.
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