August 14th, 2004

Because I said so

The week's events

As per the coincidence, Fay Wray and Julia Child have died within a few days of one another. Wonder who the third will be?

Yeah, it's an odd and morbid superstition that deaths come in threes.

In other observations:
The Olympics.

Watching women's rowing. The hills of Greece near Athens look EXACTLY like the hills of Southern California near Santa Clara or Oakland.


rubyloot said she figured it was all faked like the moon landings and such.
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Dancing Calvin


So far the coverage options are much better than the unfortunate botch that happened with the Sydney games.

There's the usual America-centric coverage on the broadcast channels, but there's also decent coverage of entire events without the mandatory blathering heads that go on the regular channels, and they're events where the US isn't expected to medal.

CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo, Telemundo (Soccer! GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!) all have coverage and the HDTV channels are also carrying things that we cannot see on our primitive LDTV set.

On a side note: The "swimmer's body" that so many people gush over?
The US hopeful for 8 events has one of the most designed bodies I've ever seen.
Michael Phelps has already won the gold in the 400m IM, and he has LONG arms, a LONG torso, and _short_ legs, ending in huge feet. His chest is very wide, very muscled but flat, and his arms are seriously out of proportion with skinny, long muscles. Basically he looks like someone gene-spliced a bit of manta ray into his morphology.

While some of the athletes don't have the world's most glamorous faces, there are no athletes at the Olympics who could be said to be physically ugly.

And, what is wrong with NBC?

Aldo Montano won the gold in Fencing, with no american getting anywhere near the top, and does NBC's olympics website have anything on him? Hell no!

Incidentally, Montano really needs to learn to express his feelings. So reserved. Only one backflip when he won the match.
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