January 29th, 2005

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Blinded me with SCIENCE!

California was where it started, but the concept of self-esteem as an innately good thing has spread to a number of other places. Well, it's been debunked.

People have wondered for a while just how Pot works in the brain. Well, they may have found out, and what they've learned about the role of the brain's own cannabinoids has some interesting implications, not just for learning, but for dynamic brain organization, memory storage, acquisition and retention, and very interestingly, it appears that suppression, association and dissociation, cross-linking and wider-area linking, all tie very much into how these chemicals work.

And this last one is for the people who run muxes, and like to make brilliant claims like "Gosh, no high school kid could possibly have invented the stuff that this application requires" ... well, yeah, they can and do. Admitted it's rare, but we're talking superhero universe anyway, and these kids, in the Future Scientists contest, are real and live in the real world. Be sure to follow the 'bio' links. These are highschool kids. Yes, they have support from scientists doing real world work. They're mentored and referreed. But they do their own work and they've had some very real, very important effects.
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