February 21st, 2005


Gathered Stuff And Nonsense.

Printed Food ... A better way to cook? Hell no. Things that make you go 'oog'. Actually it reminds me of the 'starving in winter' cartoons that Warner Brothers did with Daffy Duck and Sylvester and so forth.

Excerpt from interview with Tony Blair ... This is actually kind of a snarky thing, but then it's Slashdot, snarky is built into their worldview.

WinTasks 5 ... a better way to protect yourself from malware, but sadly, it costs money. I'm strongly tempted anyway.

In other news, the sale of our house is still dragging on. Grr. This time they've discovered that we were, at some point, on a flood plain listing. Well, it DID change last year sometime, but I had to go to www.MyFloodZone.com and BUY a listing just to expedite this.
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