March 2nd, 2006


RARR! Insurance Idiots!

After some protracted waiting, the insurance company which carries my group term life insurance, and which carried Penny's, paid on her policy, and sent me a 'checkbook' to use to disburse the funds, as I see fit.

Or not. I wrote a single check for the entire amount to First Tech Credit Union, so they could put it into an instant-access account which returns a higher rate of interest than the insurance company did. I wrote that on Thursday of last week, and was told, Five Business Days for funding availability.

Except that the damn thing was returned by the insurance company.

I am livid. I found this out at 1:15AM as I was getting stuff ready for tomorrow. I left a very angry message. Let us hope they actually do call me in the morning, because if not, I will assuredly be calling them.

I also sent a query to First Tech (at their online banking page) asking what happened.
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More on Insurance Idiots

They returned the check because .... MY SIGNATURES DIDN'T MATCH!

Great leaping hemmoroids!

My signatures NEVER match. They have the same beginning S and then everything is sorta the same afterwards only not.

They offer an option for wiring the money directly, costs $50, but it's probably worth it as it would get the funds into my account Friday.

Blithering blatherskites!

I did suggest that perhaps, in future, that they might consider, oh, calling the customer and ASKING if they submitted that check?
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