March 9th, 2006



Snow in March. In Portland Oregon.

What do they call it when the weather goes nuts like this? I know it's a possible result of global warming - the increased energy in the system allows more extreme weather, more vertical activity in the movement of moisture in the atmosphere.

Penny loved this kind of wild weather.


Eight weeks.

Wasn't overwhelmed by the miseries today. It was snowy, for one thing, which would have delighted Penny. I spent an hour and a half making sure I knew that everything medical had been paid off, or was due to be paid off by the end of the week (still need to pay NWCS).

Thinking about what to put in rubyloot ... I've fallen behind on that, mostly because some of the stuff that could go there is really personal, but also stuff that people should hear about. I may turn it into fiction of some kind.