August 9th, 2006

emo lawn by Rikoshi

Filthy tricks memes play

syko1096 has a memeobject on his page, the 'temporary friend of a friend' thing.

This is what it created for me.

Yeah, I needed the reminder just now ... Is it random perversity or is it some kind of (very) deliberately perverse search algorithm from their search engine, that sees keywords and searches for them in the friends-of-friends lists? (Fey was a very nice lady. She died of cancer about nine months before Penny did.)

This is the backing linkage, which should change every day.

Get the code

Oh yeah. Edited because I wanted to make sure that it didn't change, and found out that it would have done.
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Meow Duh?

editing friend lists

drama is my life.

Seriously, if you always post using a friends-only filter that excludes me then we aren't mutual friends, are we?

And if you can't handle it if I see you doing something stupid and mention that it might not be smart? Then I'd best not look at your page any more.
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