September 9th, 2006


(no subject)

I haven't written an entry for this week.

I've basically fallen apart after the last month of intense focus on work.
This is both good and bad - I'm getting enough sleep, but I'm not disciplining myself to do what I need to do.

Going to try to drive back to Montana this week, but I have to make the decision to do so.
Cats will be boarded with the vet - cost will be about $25 a day, which is tolerable. This will also ensure that Vinnie gets her meds - she has hyperthyroidism, as I feared. Also, both cats acquired TEH FLEEZ!!1! and I didn't diagnose it. Vet says this is because when I used flea comb, they had groomed them all away.
But that's why they've both gotten bald patches; not ringworm. It may also explain the weird bites on my legs (cats sleep on my feet at night) and it means I need to bug-bomb the apartment when I take off. Will be OK cause the cats will be gone.

Part of what kept me from posting this week is stuff that I don't intend to put in a public post, so, it probably won't appear anyway.