February 21st, 2007


Bad ways to lose weight.

I've been finding that I lose weight when I don't eat. Anything.

Not the best way to do so.

Came down with the flu on Friday. I check my weight every other morning, and I was at 281 that day.

Today I weighed 270.5, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly because I'm incredibly dehydrated.

Part of this is because everything I tried to eat made me queasy, and partly because the food I do have requires work to prepare and I was not in any condition to do so, but I ended up actually eating soups - tried making a standard serving amount of spaghetti (1/2 inch bundle) with an egg and a teaspoon each of butter and cream and it was still too rich, but given that it was the only thing other than two apples that I ate that day, I shouldn't be surprised that it left me a bit queasy. Finally yesterday I was well enough to stagger out into the world, went to Safeway and got a bunch of fruit-gel-cups, some antiviral Kleenex, a bunch of lemon-lime soda (hell no the real price of 7-up is not 1.89 for a two liter bottle, and the 'on sale' price of 1.49 is still not on sale, but at least they've started showing the real per-bottle price after multiple complaints that they were violating the unit-price labelling laws.) Oh yeah, and some no-sugar-added fruit juice bars. SO much relief on the throat from those.

Anyway. I wonder if this'll all come right back. Probably at least 5 pounds, given the degree of dehydration.
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