April 14th, 2007


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Grar. I hate doing taxes.

I especially hate doing taxes when I try to get into my online access to my credit union account, the password-thinkie screws up, and when I call customer service to get it fixed, the credit union's phones crash ... and still have not come back up.
(Wondering what's up with THAT situation!)
invisible food

Thai fud.

aerowolf told me yesterday to have Szechuan food for dinner, but I couldn't do that cause there are bugger-all szechuan restaurants out here in the Hillsboro/Aloha boundary zone. But I happened to stop by my employer's office (closed, darnit) to try to turn in my time card hardcopy, and there was a nice Thai restaurant in the same parking lot, so I got some cocoanut milk seafood soup (medium hot, which translated means, hotter than I would voluntarily season it myself) and just finished it.

I am going to pay for this tomorrow, or maybe late tonight, but mmmmmmburn.
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Writer's Block

Taxes and Thai food

My 2006 tax returns are e-filed as of 6:18, though they haven't yet been confirmed.
I will be getting back most of what was withheld, as a result of having a huge medical bill from Penny's cancer.
Thankfully, life insurance is not taxable, because the refund would have made only a 1/4 dent in the amount I paid.

I started them at about 10AM, give or take, and took off at 1:40 to get to the bank to reset my online banking password to be able to get some information, which it turns out I won't be able to really use anyway, and so I'm not deducting that particular thing. It wouldn't really help anyway.

I resumed about 3:40, which means I spent a bit over six hours working on tax stuff, but really focussing on it was only maybe four hours, as I was eating and trimming cat claws and reading some LJ's and otherwise wasting time.
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