April 18th, 2007


tax hate

Last night just before bed (i.e 12:30am) I checked my turbotax again and it told me that I had never e-filed at all. I shot off an irate note promising wrath if it was still broken today. Around 11:30 my time today I got email that my e-filings had been accepted.

When I get home I will print and send the proper stuff to support the filing, assuming the client side of their p.o.s. is once again working.

When keyboards go bad

My Microsoft Natural Keyboard has apparently died. I am posting from the laptop.

The thing is ... I am now very tempted to spend a bit of money on a wireless keyboard and mouse.

If I could somehow prevent them from ever getting food inside them (a bad bad thing that happens to my keyboards, they collect CAT HAIR and HUMAN HAIR and FOOD PARTICLES and FLERN and DUST BUNNIES until they stop working and cannot even be cleaned.)

So. Back shortly.
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