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April 28th, 2007

Strange Dream

Much more detailed than I've had in ages. I was travelling with Penny and possibly some friends, on a vacation or just to travel, but there was a business thing in there. The airport was really clear, a lot like the one in Salt Lake City but then also like the one in Kalispell, Montana, in 1976, and it was in a sort of poorly colorized sepia/black-and-white. There was some stuff involving a hotel which was gorgeous on front and inside, but behind it was a city ravaged by time, neglect, and long-past riots and wars; there was a concrete pad, cracked and with broken off pipes and wiring, broken remnants of walls no more than a few bricks high.

We were somewhere in Europe, though, possibly in England or Italy. And I had managed to score some tickets to Spain online, but they were only good for a specific time and place, and we only had two more days, so I'd miss some of the time, and that was the question: More time to be with the friends there, or the one chance to go see Spain that might not happen again, and maybe miss rejoining them on the way.

Share my pain.

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